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Why pleez ?

How it works?

How is Pleez going to increase your delivery profit?

We must define which are your monthly goals.

  • Raise the number of customers.
  • Raise customer’s conversion rate.
  • Average ticket raise.
  • Increase sales on specific dishes.

Together with our analysts, we will define the points that will increase your revenues the most.

After defining your goals, we will use our algorithm to measure three fundamental points:

  • Analysis of your direct competition: prices, campaigns, menus, and promotions that they are practicing;

  • Analysis of your client’s needs: weekly buying trends within your industry (eg. in Cascais, the sushi industry, the customers order a lot of niguiris on Mondays);

  • Analysis of your sales history: We do a detailed analysis of your sales reports in order to build a real-time dashboard with your menu’s performance per dish.

After the analyses, follows the integration part, in which our management team will make all the necessary suggestions and integrations in your menu. Some examples:

  • Cross-sell.
  • Up-sell.
  • Articles creation.
  • Bundles.
  • Categories arrangement.
  • New categories creation.
  • A/B testing (testing two changes in the same product or products in different periods and seeing which of the two brings greater profitability).
  • Promo testing.
  • Less sold products remove.
  • Price adjust.
  • Adding modifiers (Technique to increase average ticket).
  • Dynamic menus (Exclusive menus creation for specific days or times of day where sales volume is lower).
Monthly meetings will be held to measure the following points:

  • Monthly results (growth by-product).
  • Changes needed for the following month.
  • Customers feedback.

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What our clients say about us

“Initially, our bet for the Croissanteria Tradicional was the Smart Menu, which allowed our customers to access a menu with a visual perspective, with images, and much faster. Delivery Apps are part of our day-to-day, and it is important for us to have an incisive analysis of their results. The Delivery Optimisation service helped us to understand where to improve in Delivery Apps and, in the short term, increase sales.

Pleez’s results and regular follow-up leave us very satisfied!”

Croissanteria Tradicional, Lisbon - Portugal

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